Cosmic Smashbooking with Marie: 

Come to Peace within yourself and within your world!

What if the answers you have been seeking can be discovered within your very own heart?

What if negative feelings can be understood and even healed and transformed through a creative blending of words and images?

Cosmic Smashbooking can open the door to finding understanding in past and present life experiences. It can be a creative and fun spiritual practice that helps you reach for better feelings as well as finding more clarity in your life and your world. You may have immediate “ah ha” moments while some revelations may be made more clear over time.

Your Cosmic Smashbook is a spiritual journal created uniquely by you using art journaling techniques and Intentional Creativity. Artistic talent, experience, or confidence are not required as the focus is on a willingness to listen through the heart and to be open to what comes through. As your guide, I will lead you through a journal prompt. After you have finished writing, your answer will be transformed through a combination of painting, collage, or other art journaling processes.

I am certified by Cosmic Smashbooking founder Catt Geller as a Cosmic Smashbooking Teacher/Guide. I have been exploring “smashing” personally for several years. I’ve also served as a Heart Tender for more recent smashbooking teacher candidates, offering support and “readings” of their pages for further introspection. I have found relief from anger, grief, and fear through my pages.  I have uncovered insights and ways to solve challenges.

I have entitled the smashbooking work I practice and teach as Cosmic Peacemaking since, in my opinion and experience, it can lead to inner and outer peace within ourselves and ultimately, the world.

Insightful inquiries will be the catalyst for connecting to your inner wisdom. This process is ongoing throughout the completion of your book and can result in a lifetime of creating many life-changing smashbooks, each exploring a different theme or desired outcome.

I offer both group classes and private instruction in the construction of your book and include an introduction to the first few pages so that you feel comfortable and familiar with the process. Continuing support is available and can deepen the smashbooking experience while providing connection within a like-minded community.

Be sure to check out the photos on the following page to visually experience the fun and deep inner work that is Cosmic Smashbooking.

For more information about experiencing Cosmic Smashbooking yourself please contact Marie at:

[email protected]